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With Facilitator: Bethany Dearborn Hiser, MSW 

Director of SoulCare for NWFL Please email Bethany with any questions.

For many who are engaged in helping professions, it can feel easier to focus on the needs and characteristics of others than on oneself. We may become out of touch with who we are, our own needs, strengths, and brokenness. Without knowing it, we might betrying to meet unmet needs through our work-specifically the needs for impact, intimacy, approval, identity and self-worth. These are normal and healthy needs that can be met through unhealthy means if they drive our motive in serving others. 

Participants will explore their motivations for doing this work and the underlying needs they might be trying to meet. 

(This is a stand-alone webinar, attendance at other webinars is not required).

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Participant Feedback:

“You offered us a short yet powerful practice of self-care in our time together. I put some of your suggestions to practice this morning and feel well balanced already.”

“I thought it was a wonderful webinar!”

“Your presence shines and you are well suited for soulcare!”

“Participants have shared that they entered the workshop feeling: anxious, overwhelmed, nearing burnout, stressed, and disconnected. At the end of the workshop, the same participants said they felt: motivated, hopeful, affirmed, grateful, transformed, and with increased awareness!”

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