Stephanie Jordan Mrakovich


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Seattle Location:
3417 Evanston Ave. N. Suite 309
Seattle, WA 98103


Life brings hardships, many of which we carry with us throughout our lives in hidden ways.

Therapy can be an invitation to heal from those hardships, find clarity for the burdens that continue to silently weigh on us, and develop into our stronger more fulfilled selves.

It is my intention throughout the therapeutic process to act as a mirror for your hidden places of tragedy and beauty to help you see yourself in a new way.

In the course I therapy I seek to form a secure bond with you, unpack themes from your life story using feelings and experiences in the present moment, and draw out the powerful reserves within you using an experiential psychodynamic psychotherapeutic approach.

I believe this kind of long term work generates deeper and more embodied growth. In addition to this, I like to integrate experiential therapeutic
work such as art, music, movement, mindfulness, and more in order to account for the impact trauma and strong emotions can have on our ability to communicate in traditional ways.


I graduated from Taylor University with a BA in Psychology before attending the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology where I received a Masters of Counseling Psychology.

My 3 years of graduate work consisted of notable personal and professional development through the school’s formative practicum program and extensive academic training.

From there, I received one year of postgraduate experience in intersectional feminist therapy at MEND in order to better unpack systemic issues related to race, gender, class, sexual orientation, religion, ability and more throughout the therapeutic process.


• Depression
• Anxiety
• Shame
• Relationships and Boundaries
• Trauma
• Learning and Executive Functioning Struggles (ADHD, Dyslexia, APD, Etc)
• Career and Life Direction
• Spiritual Growth and Healing
• Existential Concerns
• Aging


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