Sara Stenerson


Sara Stenersen

Phone: (541) 250-0059
Location: Offering teletherapy
In person at: 2915 East Madison St. Seattle WA 98112

Therapeutic Approach

You are endlessly valuable, worthy of being beheld and delighted in.
This treasure of infinite worth has resided within you since birth,
it’s part of being human. Also included in this being human business
is the pain that comes when this treasure isn’t cherished, protected,
or handled with the care it needs and deserves. It’s so threatening
when this happens, causing you to instinctually bury this treasure. So
here you are, disconnected from your core, unable to see your value,
and things don’t feel so good.

Therapy is a process of uncovering, of returning to your truest self.
Because your nervous system is wired to keep you away from danger, the
presence of a therapist trained to re-wire your brain and calm your
body makes it possible to access what once felt painful and
threatening. I would be honored to help you uncover what is keeping you
stuck, rediscover your value, and step into freedom.

I approach therapy from a systemic viewpoint, meaning I assess how
multiple areas of your life such as your family of origin,
friendships, romantic relationships, place of employment or education,
and/or culture and spirituality affect your current well-being. I have
worked with individuals ages 3-70, couples, and families in hospitals,
schools, and offices since 2017. I am certified in Trauma Focused CBT,
trained in Gottman and EFT couples therapies, and incorporate
Attachment Theory in all my work.

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