Penny's Place

Penny’s Place is a transitional housing program run by Northwest Family Life. Penny’s Place is a safe space for women and children fleeing the pain of domestic violence and trafficking.

About Penny’s Place

Penny’s Place is a therapeutic transitional safe house where women and their children fleeing domestic violence and/or trafficking can come and live in supportive community. Our mission is to provide physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual support that allows for good mental health for women and their children transitioning out of domestic violence and/or trafficking. We have space for up to 8 women and children to live in an intentionally small homelike environment. 

Most women and families come in with little or no support and finding resources when in crisis can be utterly overwhelming. Our team helps people with the process of finding physical and emotional safety, permanent housing, job training, and educational opportunities. We encourage and support them as they begin to build a community of support within and outside of our walls at Penny’s Place.

Who We Serve

Domestic violence does not discriminate among race, religion, or ethnicity. We serve people from diverse backgrounds, all of extremely low socio-economic status, and usually all homeless. In the last few years Penny’s Place has been home to Samoan, Tongan, Filipino, New Zealander, Native American, African American, Caucasian and Latino women and their children. 

Intended Outcomes

Our goal for each woman is that when she leaves, she will be in a place, physically and emotionally, to transition into autonomous living and be self-sustaining, clean and sober, safe from abuse and exploitation, healthy, and with community.


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