Joe Weatherby

Office: 4250 Airport Way S, Suite 221, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: 206-348-5460

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Therapeutic Approach

Are you living in silence or feel that parts of your life have been silenced?  Therapy is a place to break this silence and move towards wholeheartedness, living and existing in ways that utilize your whole self.  Each person is made of many parts: physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual.  Sometimes when our experience is painful, we decide to ignore those parts of ourselves that we believe caused the pain.  I believe that each aspect of us longs to live, and silenced parts can exert considerable pressure on our inner lives.  Compulsive habits or addictions are often used as a way to manage these pressures.  Rather than looking at just the behaviors, we will look beyond the habits to what is being said underneath.  We will look at what it means to break the silence, seeking to integrate your whole self into action and being.  The antidote to pain is not silence, but grieving the pain and moving into wholehearted living. Therapy is a time and place that is safe enough to explore parts of yourself that have been too painful to think or talk about.  We will work together to grow your capacity for holding emotions, creating space to think before acting.  The outgrowth is freedom to make better whole-person decisions regarding how you will act and be in the world.

I counsel primarily from a relational approach, meaning that I believe change does not come so much from learning new ideas, but instead through relationships.  I believe we are motivated most by our connections to others. Having said that, I utilize a variety of therapeutic methods in session depending upon your needs.  These range from longer-term therapies that focus on growing self-understanding to shorter-term therapies that focus on solutions and change.  No one method of therapy works for all people.

When and if desired, therapy can include an exploration of spiritual expression in a manner that affirms your dignity and the dignity of others.  Spirituality can be quite satisfying when integrated with other aspects of your life.

Education and Experience

M.A. Counseling Psychology, The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, 2013.

B.A. Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1996.

I have experience counseling men recovering from addiction, counseling parents of anxious children, and leading therapy groups.


  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Relational Issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Integration of spiritual and intellectual processes
  • Life Transitions

Personal Interests

I enjoy hiking and camping, going on outings with my wife and daughters, reading fantasy/sci-fi books, watching the current run of super-hero movies, fixing computers, and having the long conversations that always seem to happen during road trips.  I am fascinated by science, especially astronomy, and derive a lot of joy from articles in Scientific American.


  • BCBS
  • First Choice Health Network
  • Lifewise
  • Premera
  • Sliding Scale

Payments Accepted:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Card


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