Deborah Kukahiko MA LMHCA

 Office Address:  Ohana Counseling Center

1720 Grove Street, Marysville, WA

(PO Box 565 Marysville, WA 98270)

Phone: 425-320-6381 (no text)


What type of clients do you work with?

Primarily adults and couples. I have enjoyed working with adults experiencing a mental health crisis and seeking stabilization. I welcome spiritually inquiring and struggling individuals. Anxiety, Depression, mood disorders, and some personality disorders are all areas I have experience. I am willing to work with individuals who are in treatment for addiction as part of a team approach to recovery, in order to address mental health issues that may be an underlying factor. Domestic Violence has many forms beyond physical injury, clients who have been wounded in these areas and not in immediate danger are welcome.

What would you like clients to know about how you work?

I view relationship with self, God, and others as central to a satisfactory life. The theory that contributes to my views is Object Relations. I have found that trauma and the nature of early relationships may interfere with creating a reasonable life. I hope to form a partnership with clients to explore the effects of the past and present.  Throughout the journey I encourage clients to articulate their feelings, needs, and values in order to form a foundation for a life which is good enough.

What days of the week do you see clients?

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

My Education/Credentials

BA Counseling Psychology; minor Pastoral Care and Counseling

MA Counseling Psychology

What else are you passionate about? 

Family connections, Friendships, Gardening, Walking and Travel.


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