COVID-19 Resources

More of us are staying at home due to COVID-19, but home isn’t a safe place for everyone.  Per the Seattle Police Department, domestic violence calls are up 21% from this time last year.  Because of this, we have created this page of information and resources to help during this difficult time.

All Northwest Family Life affiliates are providing virtual sessions.

All Northwest Family Life Domestic Violence treatment programs are online.

You can contact our Northwest Family Life Shelter: Penny’s Place, for more information call 206-363-9601 or email at for information/assistance.

You can email Northwest Family Life at to schedule an assessment, get into a treatment group, or ask questions.

Check out our Northwest Family Life Facebook page for more resources and information:

If you are a caregiver or helping professional experiencing added stress and potential of burnout:

If you think someone may be using your smartphone to monitor you, Refuge may be able to help.  Please note, Refuge is based out of the UK, but they have a guide and tips for survivors for US survivors too. is a free website that helps you prepare everything you need for a Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO).

Coalition for Ending Gender-Based Violence provides direct resources for survivors of abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking.

Futures without Violence has a lot of helpful information for:

  • Survivors of Abuse
  • Safety and Self Care Plans
  • Other Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Organizations
  • Remote Workplace and Technology Resources
  • Shelter Care and Supporting Unhoused People
  • Community Care
  • Financial Relief for Vulnerable Communities


King County Hotlines available 24/7:

Domestic Abuse Women’s Network: 425-656-7867

LifeWire: 1-800-827-8840

New Beginnings: 206-522-9472

King County SexualAssault Resource Center: 1-888-998-6423

Peace In the Home Helpline (help available in these 14 languages -Amharic, Chinese, Khmer (Cambodian), Japanese, Lao, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Tagalog, Thai, Tigrigna, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese): 1-888-847-7205

National Hotlines available 24/7:

National Deaf Hotline: 1-855-812-1001

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

StrongHearts Native Helpline: 1-844-762-8483

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