Andrew Fontana


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Location: Capitol Hill & Telehealth


Therapeutic Approach

I am trained in long-term psychodyanimc therapy with an emphasis on attachment. Attachment theory works to understand a person’s relationship to self, others and the world through the lens of earliest relationships formed in families. Psychodynamic therapy works on the proposition that much of what motivates our decisions and patterns happens outside of conscious awareness. Through our therapeutic relationship, we bring the unconscious into knowing. How this looks in session is learning together to relate to the different parts of your self and experience. As the poet David Whyte says, we must learn to let the mute parts of our bodies speak. That is what we will set out to do together.

I work in areas of sexuality, identity, relational conflict, anxiety and depression, with a special
focus in men’s issues. Prior to work as a therapist, I worked in environmental restoration and

Personal Interests: Writing, team sports, bird watching.

Insurances Accepted: Premera

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