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Speaking Up

Speaking Up: Recognizing and Addressing Domestic Violence in the Christian Community

Are you concerned that the clients you are seeing are minimizing or excusing violence and abuse in their relationships because they are Christians?

This training is a valuable to assist you to understand the complexities of abuse and give you language and tools to make a difference in their lives to achieve the goals of safety for the victims and accountability for the abuser.


Speaking Up: Recognizing and Addressing Domestic Violence in the Christian Community, is designed to inform and equip you to train on domestic violence, inviting you to be a part of the growing movement addressing the unspeakable with defiant hope. This program is hosted online, in a work at your own pace program that is powered by JigsawBox. This program will equip you to be able to train others on preventing domestic violence, gain continuing education hours and help you to become a confident, successful trainer.

Deep pain and profound physical and psychological wounds are inflicted on those who experience domestic violence. But that does not become the defining reality for all who are abused. Many free themselves from the control of their abusers, regain power over their lives, and begin to affirm their dignity, worth, and identity. They reaffirm their lives, their existence and their rights. They become survivors.

My eleven week curriculum is accompanied by videos that share real life stories of domestic violence survivors. Educational materials provided by domestic violence advocates and religious resources provided by Christian faith communities are combined to educate and invite dialogue about the impact of domestic violence and trauma in the Christian community. This train the trainer course is completely online, materials can be purchased separately.

With the testimony from survivors of domestic violence at the heart of this work, you will hear from those who are remembering and telling the truth about some of the saddest events of their lives. They are speaking up and in recovery. You are called to witness their stories as they tell them. They are gifts to help lead us to a common understanding and build solidarity against terror and despair. Understanding and solidarity is indeed a strong antidote to traumatic experiences and crucial for change. Be prepared to let this material change your life!


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