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Kyeisha Hodge MS.Ed LMHC

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Office: 600 N 36 St. Seattle, WA, Suite 226

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Mental Health Counselor, Coach, Speaker
About Kye . . .

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (# MC 60507339) based out of Seattle, Washington. I actively seek to improve the quality of life of those I cross paths with and to that end I offer therapy, consultation, therapy for therapists, and anti-oppression services. My clinical specializations include helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, chemical dependency, people of color, fellow helping professionals and counselors in training. I have experience in facilitating group therapy on a broad range of topics including, gender based issues, processing grief, chemical dependency, emotion regulation, and vocational rehabilitation.

I graduated with honors with my Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from CUNY Hunter College, and did my undergraduate work in psychology and Sociology at Stony Brook University.

I have worked in the mental health field at several outpatient treatment centers for those with chemical dependency issues and trauma. In 2012 I was licensed by New York State Department of Health (DOH) as a Rape Crisis Emergency Room Counselor. As of 2014, I received the training that satisfies Washington State requirements for a Domestic Violence direct service provider (WAC 388-61A-0350). I also worked at the YWCA Domestic Violence Emergency Shelter and have my own private practice. In addition, I serve as a mental health counselor at Seattle Therapy Alliance, a low-income clinic for women in Seattle where I treat women who suffer from PTSD, mood disorders, and traumatic stress.

My anti-oppression services include creating and facilitating the group “Having the Conversation: Discussing Race, Oppression and Privilege.” This group continues to serve participants as they navigate the past and recent racism that is at the forefront of American consciousness.

In addition I also work closely with the organization Puentes, who work to mobilizes mental health resources to assist undocumented migrants and their families cope with deportation and migrant detention. I conduct psychosocial assessments which can be crucial in deciding the outcome of an immigration case.

My clinical technique is grounded in Narrative therapy and Dialectical Behavioral therapy. Both these therapeutic approaches are one of the most holistic methods of healing that I can offer you. Narrative therapy focuses on uncovering the stories and meanings that have formed in our lives; as well as our power to rewrite the destructive ones. Dialectical Behavioral therapy offers concrete behavioral and cognitive techniques to change mal-adaptive thoughts, beliefs, actions and assumptions that get in the way of living the highest quality of life possible.

I am proud to guard the mental and emotional well-being of fellow therapists and those committed to helping others. My passion to help the helper has given birth to my recent start-up project “Helpers Helping Helpers” where I seek to assist helping professionals in identifying and practicing self-care techniques unique to them, understanding and preventing the onset of burnout, and reducing the chances of vicarious trauma, depression or anxiety.

Thank you for the honor of considering me to assist you in your growth!

Get Past “Survivor Mode” and Start Thriving

Experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, or childhood abuse can leave deep wounds. These injuries show up in the form of negative relationships, emotional breakdowns, aimlessness, intense fear, and self-loathing. My work aims to support survivors and reverse these effects.

A Unique Approach

Clients often walk away from completing therapy with me empowered to design their lives. They shed the shame associated with their trauma by connecting with their intrinsic self-worth. They break the habit of hyper-vigilant, reactive, and avoidant behaviors that often accompany trauma, while also developing a tolerance for joy without sabotage and existing in the world with a deeper understanding of their values. Clients leave therapy with a healthy way of communicating, perceiving, and relating to those closest to them; all the while reconnecting with their passion, curiosity, as well as practicing “play”. Clients often gain clarity regarding their life goals, their priorities, and their beliefs which allow them to become the best versions of themselves.

Healing Collective Trauma

Together we will explore how the collective trauma of racism, sexism, and other –isms impact your mental health. We will also explore your different identities (e.g. as gender, race, class) and uncover, challenge, and revise the beliefs that you had to align with in order to safely navigate these structures. This social justice perspective to counseling not only creates healing but also decreases the likelihood of future abusive environments.

My Specific Counseling Specialties

My expertise lies in assisting in the healing of the following issues:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Sexual Assault
  • PTSD and Anxiety
  • African American Issues
  • Collective Trauma (racism, sexism, classism, etc)

Group Coaching for Survivors of Domestic Violence

This group is for powerful, ambitious women who have been affected by domestic violence (childhood/family and adult/romantic forms) and have healed enough to live productive lives but still feel something is missing.

The major undertaking of this group is to offer support, tools and encouragement so that members can: foster self-love, design a thriving life and eliminate the lies from domestic violence that have been internalized.

Each group session will explore a theme associated with the above goals, provide check-in space for members, and flexibility to go with the group’s flow. Each member will be asked to be vocal, to be fully present, and to both share and take up space. Next group will start in March 2018 and be limited to 12 radical

Please contact me at KHODGE@NWFAMILYLIFE.ORG for more information and to schedule time for a free consultation in order to access good fit.

Financial Investment

Each 50 Minute Individual Session is: $125. Each group coaching session is $79. I do offer a limited number of clients a sliding-scale rate based on income.


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