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Jim Crosby, MA, LMHCA

Jim C.To make an appointment, contact Jim directly at: 425-870-9703

Offices in Snohomish and Seattle

127 Avenue C, Suite D                                                              Snohomish, WA  98290

 Website: www.snohomishcounseling.com



Formal Training
I have obtained a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and my Washington State Domestic Violence Treatment Certification from Mars Hill Graduate School in Seattle, WA and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. I have received training as a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist and have extensive multi-cultural training and experience. I have also worked as a consultant with the schools in the areas safe and drug free schools. I have worked extensively with families in crisis and am a Professional family Teacher. I am proficient in the areas of addictions, parenting struggles, family advocacy, youth crisis issues, adoption issues and gender roles in violence prevention.

Professional Practice
I started my counseling career in an adolescent mental health hospital and have worked and received training in a nationally renowned motivational and behavior Family Teaching Model. I have directed two residential treatment programs for severely behaviorally disturbed youth and their families. I have worked extensively in the courts as a youth and family advocate. I specialize in couples communication, adolescent issues, blended/step families, individual anxiety and depression issues, group therapy, relationship issues, anger/domestic violence, and family intervention issues.

Counseling Approach
My therapeutic orientation is diverse in that I utilize various aspects of different schools of thought, approaches, and therapeutic techniques. My theoretic approach most closely resembles psychoanalytically-informed interpersonal psychotherapy. While treatment is individualized, I utilize various therapeutic approaches such as attachment theory, object relations, cognitive behavioral, family of origin and brief solution-focused group therapy.

I run Domestic Violence groups At Northwest Family Life and have an office in Snohomish, WA were I am accepting new clients. I have been with Northwest Family Life on part-time bases for seven years and am proud to be an affiliate of this agency in Snohomish as well as in Seattle and the surrounding areas. I accept some insurance programs and have a 30 minutes free consultation for new clients.

My wife and I operate “Snohomish Christian Counseling.” We are passionate about unprecedented possibilities in the lives of those we serve. Transformation takes place in the context of relationship and we believe that our spirituality works in tandem with our psychotherapy.

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