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Bent Meyer


Bent Meyer Counselor

To make an appointment call 206-225-3794.

Email: bmeyer@nwfamilylife.org

Kirkland Location: 615 Market St, Suite D Kirkland, WA. 98033

Seattle Location: 11320 Roosevelt Way N.E., Seattle, WA 98125

Website:  www.paradigmcounselingps.com

Formal Training:

  • Mars Hill Graduate School (MA – Masters of Counseling/Psychology)
  • Completed training in Domestic Violence Advocacy.
  • Completed training in Domestic Violence Offender Treatment
  • Western Washington University (BA – Secondary Education)

Professional Practice

My experience, over 11 years, includes individual and couples therapy. Specific areas include working with adult women and men in relational crisis, survivors of childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, abandonment, religious abuse), same sex attraction, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, attachment adaptations, work place stress, adjustment to life transitions, and compulsive/addictive struggles that remain after active behavior remission. I am a Grace Group facilitator trainer (groups specifically designed for survivors of abuse). I am very familiar with religious conflict and the abuse of power and control.

Counseling Approach:  Psychodynamic/Object relations/ Intersubjective therapy.

  • This approach assumes current perception of experience, feelings, thinking process and finally behaviors are a product of accumulated emotional and adaptive experience from infancy into adulthood.
  • It assumes we repeat patterns that were effective in the past to protect ourselves from real or perceived harm, but are not useful in our current life experience.
  • It assumes relational interactions – nurturing and supportive, as well as, hurtful and trauma experiences – are encoded in our bodies and brain. The approach takes into account that harm has been experienced in relationships and must be examined and possible experienced with a different result in a rewarding relational experience.
  • The approach seeks to create a safe, confidential environment in which to explore difficult feelings and narrative material that has been avoided for years. It is an environment in which one is not alone on the journey. It is an approach that seeks to develop the capacity to experience, and think through what had been overwhelming in the past and vigorously avoided in the present, to new and rewarding cognitive and behavioral outcomes.
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