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Catherine Follett – MSW, LICSW


Phone: 266.715.0831

Email: cfollett@nwfamilylife.org

Website: www.catherinefollett.com

Office: Seattle Healing Arts Building – 6300 9th Ave NE, Suite 351, Seattle WA  98115


Background and Education

  • graduated from the Masters in Social Work program at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA in 1988
  • hold advanced training in
    • Emotion Focused Therapy
    • Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy
    • Buddhist Studies

My Approach to Therapy

I am a seasoned therapist, and in my work, I combine empathetic intelligence, attuned intuition, and decades of training and experience. I encourage a sense of curiosity and discovery, along with some playfulness and humor. We will work together as co-travellers on a journey, a united team navigating the hardships and hurts as well as the triumphs and resilience In a safe, supportive environment. I will ask you gently probing questions to help you reflect and understand yourself and your feelings more deeply. You can come to recognize your underlying needs, your vulnerabilities, and the places you get stuck. Together, we can undo the aloneness that makes so many feel isolated, small, and unseen. Then, you can begin to free yourself from habits that do not serve you and cultivate and strengthen the parts of you that are already healthy and good, longing to be free.

Making use of experienced observation and a relational approach, I serve as a Trusted Other, helping clients break free from pain, releasing themselves from patterns that keep them blocked and allowing their hidden authenticity to blossom to its fullest potential. While supporting clients as they connect to their inborn, natural wisdom is an important part of the therapy process, I am also highly practical in my work, and I help clients effect real, perceptible change in their lives.


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