Carol Lindlow




Carol Lindlow – MSN LMHC

Office: 7504 Bothell Way, Kenmore, WA 98028

Phone: 206-579-5243



I approach the counseling process as forming an alliance to explore the nature of the problem(s) presented to me.  My therapeutic orientation is that every person is endowed with purpose and a longing to give and receive love and respect.  My goal is to help clients increase awareness of problem patterns and coping strategies and clarify the emotional and physical reactions to these patterns in their life story.  This will help increase self-acceptance and openness to healthy choices which can lead to life changes and greater personal freedom.

My primary counseling models are Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and LIfespan Integration Lifespan Integration is a method that works at a neural level to change patterned responses with the memories of past events from which they originated.  After LI therapy, people find themselves spontaneously reacting to current stressors in more age-appropriate ways.  Unhealthy relationships can be viewed with more clarity and understanding. Domestic violence and unhealthy patterns can be seen as they really are and new boundaries implemented.  Healing is often quick and permanent.

I also use Narrative Therapy to help clients understand the thinking patterns of their moods and the resulting perceptions created out of their life stories.

These therapeutic processes are used in conjunction with Relational Psychotherapy as I believe each client needs a safe relationship in which to explore the truth about his or her own life experiences.  Other therapeutic approaches may be used based on client needs and preferences.


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  • Behavioral Health Optum
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