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Bethany Bylsma MA LMHCA MHP

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I grew up in Alaska, spending many warm summers in Washington State.  I moved with my family to East Africa when I was ten years old.  It was there I learned what it means to be different, to be sunburned, to be an adventurer, and how to pack my whole world in a few suitcases.  I moved back to the United States at eighteen and continued exploring who I was going to be as an adult, as a woman, and as an artist.

A background in Media Communications eventually took me to Southern California where I worked for a media-based non-profit organization traveling the United States and working in Uganda with people of all cultures, walks of life, and backgrounds.
The arts, the nonprofit world, and my travels have caused me to fall in love with story. I am enamored by the subtle differences that make each of us unique, wild, and entirely our own. The setting, the characters, and the pages yet to be written . . . I love it all.
As I continued meeting men and women, mentoring high school and college-aged philanthropists, and working alongside many men and women who had brave but difficult stories of trauma, I knew I wanted to understand more of how our stories shape who we are, and who we become. I moved to Seattle in 2012 and earned my Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology. My clinical internship was working with low-income youth and individuals in north Seattle. I now work with families, teens, and individuals in Seattle. I am a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), and the Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC).

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and an MHP (Mental Health Practitioner).  I specialize in life transitions whether that is teen to adult, home to college, career to retirement, or any mi between.  Moves and transitions often bring up our deepest fears, highest levels of stress, and questions of belonging.  I work with teens, adults, and families as they navigate life-stage changes, and the depression and anxiety that can accompany us in different times of life.

I find that focusing on past relationships and family dynamics is a way of sifting through unhelpful patterns for clients.  My hope is to explore the past to make room for the future and a life clients hope for.

The work I do draws from psychodynamic theory – with relationship being the places we grow, change, and heal.  Our own relationship will direct us over time.  This journey takes time, trust, and commitment.  I believe that psychotherapy is most successful when time together is regularly scheduled and frequent.  Seeing clients once a week is always where I begin.

There are many different kinds of therapy, varying in depth, focus, lengths of sessions, and longevity.  It is important that you find a therapist or counselor who feels like a good fit for what you bring. For that reason, I am happy to meet for a 20-minute consultation.


Individual Adults – Providing individual sessions to adults suffering from anxiety & depression, entering life transitions, dealing with spirituality, relationships, and family of origin issues.

Teens – Working with teens ages 15+ to offer a safe space to discuss home life, school life, transitioning into adulthood, sexuality, and all the pieces of growing up we should not have to face alone.

Women – Finding your voice, exploring sexuality, confronting pain and abuse, and tapping into your god-given and precious intuition.

Missionary families or individuals, Expats, and Humanitarians – I offer a ‘furlough’ package of services for families and/or individuals on leave from international work. Having a “home-base” and a face to connect with to process secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, family issues, and personal development through highly mobile careers. Please contact me for more information.


Please contact me for fees.  I take payment in the form of check, cash, venmo, square, or paypal.

I am able to bill Premera insurance at this time. It is your responsibility as the client, to be aware of co-payment, deductibles, and any changes to your insurance at the time of services.

I am not able to directly bill other insurance companies at this time. Payment is due at the time of service. However – I am able to provide a monthly receipt for sessions paid in full so that you can offer this to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is the responsibility of each client to contact their insurance provider to understand what reimbursement options are.

I do, at times, have limited sliding scale slots open for those with financial hardship. I believe that therapy, counseling, and mental health services should be available to all regardless of ability to pay a full therapy fee. Please inquire about available openings, or my wait list if you are interested.

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